Firefly Sightings

  • Catching fireflies is an important part of summer.
  • Help us track where people are seeing fireflies in their backyard.
  • Submit your sightings on the map and connect with others who spotted fireflies in your area.

Submit Your sightings

Firefly Sightings

Seeing fireflies? Tell us about it! Post your descriptions of firefly sightings and read about sightings by others in your area.

We support the efforts of the Boston Museum of Science research project collecting firefly data from around the country. Submit your firefly sightings to this project and be apart of helping to understand these insects better.

Visit the Museum of Science research participation page, and read more about how you can help.

Recommended:Buy This Book

We highly recommend purchasing this book by firefly researcher Lynn Faust if you are interested in learning more about fireflies, glow-worms, and lightning bugs.

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