Certified Firefly Habitat Sign


Make a firefly haven in your own yard and join the thousands of others who have done the same. Join individuals and organizations who have committed to providing the essential elements needed to create and sustain a healthy habitat for adult and larval fireflies.

Proudly display this sign to demonstrate your commitment to protecting firefly habitat. A downloadable certification guide is included to help you complete steps necessary to certify you habitat. The sign is made of recycled aluminum, is easy to read and waterproof. The size is 9″ x 12′′. “Made in the USA.” Exclusive.



Certify Your Habitat to Help Fireflies!

Have you ever experienced fireflies light up the night sky and marvel how they are capable of lighting up like they do? They are clearly one of nature’s genuine wonders. They need our protection now. Across the United States and worldwide, rapid and large-scale changes to our lands and watersheds mean fireflies are losing the habitats they once knew.

Every step we can take to protect land for the fireflies to thrive is a step towards a literally ‘brighter’ future for new generations to enjoy. Join us in our mission to help to certify habitats, backyards, and nature preserves to provide a permanent place for fireflies to exist.

Image showing a certified firefly habitat sign on a wood post outsideThe Certified Firefly Habitat program is a first of its kind certification program to address the issues leading to declining habitat for fireflies. Created by Ben Pfeiffer, founder of Firefly Conservation & Research, Ben will teach you how to curate your habitat so that it provides all of the elements needed for fireflies to establish an existing and growing population on your land.

Those wishing to start the certification program will be asked to provide the following elements on their land:

  • Providing undisturbed cover for adults and glowing larvae
  • Encouraging plant diversity to preserve soil moisture
  • Reducing Light Pollution
  • Restricting Pesticide Usage

A certification guide will be available for you to download to help guide you in this process. This checklist will help you meet all the requirements necessary to provide firefly habitat.The guide will also teach you about:

  • The Firefly Life Cycle
  • What kinds of fireflies you are protecting
  • How habitat degradation and loss affect fireflies
  • What invasive species do to firefly habitat
  • How light pollution and Artificial Light At Night (ALAN) can disrupt successful firefly mating in a habitat.
  • Methods to manage your habitat from surveying methods, documentation, putting up protective barriers to prevent trampling.
  • Other insightful and creative ways to protect fireflies beyond just your land.